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Video capsule endoscopy: special considerations

Have you ever wondered how even the smallest and narrowest of areas in the intestine can be examined? In this article we found out how a video capsule endoscopy can be used to check the lining of the small intestine and whether problems can occur from this procedure. Leading gastroenterologist, Dr Amit Chattree, talked us through preparation using a patency capsule , potential risks and whether or not the capsule can get stuck inside of the bowel.

When is a video capsule endoscopy recommended?

Many people will experience gastrointestinal issues in their lifetime. We spoke to a leading consultant gastroenterologist about video capsule endoscopy, we found out how you should prepare for this procedure and when video capsule endoscopy might be recommended. Top gastroenterologist, Dr Amit Chattree, who is based in Newcastle, talked us through the procedure.

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