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Exploring the role of imaging and understanding progesterone resistance in endometriosis

Endometriosis affects millions of women worldwide, causing debilitating pain and impacting daily life in profound ways. Despite its prevalence, there remains a lack of understanding and awareness surrounding this condition. By raising awareness, we can empower individuals to seek proper diagnosis, treatment, and support, ultimately improving the quality of life for those living with endometriosis. Together, we can break the silence, educate others, and advocate for better care and research to ensure that no one suffers in silence. Distinguished senior fertility specialist Dr Anu Chawla explores endometriosis, explaining the role of imaging in the diagnosis and treatment, alongside the role of progesterone resistance in the condition.

Egg freezing through vitrification: Revolutionising fertility preservation

Oocyte cryopreservation, also known as egg freezing, is a ground-breaking reproductive medicine technique. It involves the extraction, freezing, and storage of a woman's mature eggs, preserving them for potential use in the future. Vitrification, a rapid cooling method, offers advantages over traditional slow-freezing methods. Dr Anu Chawla, senior specialist in reproductive medicine, highlights the advantages it offers, and emphasises the importance of awareness regarding egg freezing in this informative article.

Understanding blocked fallopian tubes: Causes, symptoms, and treatment options

Blocked fallopian tubes contribute to infertility in approximately 30% of women facing fertility challenges, making it a prevalent yet often asymptomatic condition. Diagnosis typically occurs when a couple encounters difficulties conceiving. In her latest online article, Dr Anu Chawla delves into the origins of blocked fallopian tubes, their implications for fertility, and the available treatments for those aspiring to conceive.

A guide to egg freezing at London Fertility Clinic

The road to pregnancy is not always smooth, and some women, particularly as they grow older can feel the worry and stress of feeling that their biological clock is ticking. Fortunately, egg freezing is a concept which can help to lessen the burden of these worries. We speak to renowned senior fertility specialist, Dr Anu Chawla who discusses everything you need to know about egg freezing and explains how this treatment is carried out at the London Fertility Clinic.

Understanding AMH: Exploring its impact on female fertility

When embarking on the journey to parenthood, the world of fertility can seem like a labyrinth of perplexing terminology. What exactly is LH? What does AMH mean? Well, Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a critical concept you should grasp. This essential hormone plays a pivotal role in the process of conceiving a child, and if you're facing challenges in becoming pregnant or you're over 25, it's wise to have your AMH levels assessed. In her latest online article, Dr Anu Chawla demystifies AMH and explores its influence on fertility.

The importance of comprehensive fertility testing for couples

Before delving into the world of fertility testing, it's crucial to emphasise that fertility testing is not exclusive to women. In fact, it's a vital step for both partners in a heterosexual couple. Surprisingly, male factor infertility contributes to 30 to 40% of conception challenges. In her latest online article Dr Anu Chawla gives us her insights into fertility testing.

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