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Life-saving brain surgery on an awake violinist

The removal of a brain tumour is incredibly complex, particularly due to the necessity of checking that the brain isn't damaged during the tumour's removal. For Ms Dagmar, a professional violinist, it was essential that she kept her ability to play her violin, so she performed during her brain surgery. Learn about brain tumours, their removal and this remarkable surgery performed by Professor Ashkan and his team.

How does awake brain surgery really work?

Awake brain surgery is a surgical procedure carried out on the brain whilst the patient is awake and conscious. This procedure is used when surgery is being performed close to part of the brain that controls speech and motor functions. Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, a leading neurosurgeon at the London Neurosurgery Partnership, explains how awake brain surgery is performed, the risks involved and what the recovery period looks like following this complex and remarkable procedure.

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