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Alcohol-related cirrhosis: is it reversible?

Do you know how the severity of alcohol-related cirrhosis can be measured and whether the negative effects of alchohol on the liver can be reversed? We spoke with a renowned consultant physician from the London Clinic, Professor Shahid A Khan, to discuss all this and more. Find out how to tell whether cirrhosis is worsening and if it can be prevented. In this article, we discuss the lifestyle changes that can be implemented, for a healthier liver.

How to tell if you are lactose intolerant

For someone who is lactose intolerant, they may experience symptoms of flatulence, bloating and stomach cramps after eating high-lactose foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Not sure where to begin in getting a diagnosis? One of our expert gastroenterologists Dr Ian Johnston explains a test you can try at home and what other tests a specialist will make in order to give you the best diagnosis.

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