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Capsule endoscopy: during the procedure, image accuracy and risks

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure that allows a gastroenterologist to see the gastrointestinal tract in a non-invasive way. You may wonder how such a small camera can provide such a thorough view but fortunately, Dr Waseem Ashraf, one of the earliest capsule endoscopy operators in the world, answers all there is to know regarding the capsule endoscopy exam. After reading, you'll feel much more prepared.

The gut-brain connection: how our emotions play a direct role in the health of our digestive system

Have certain situations ever made you feel "sick to your stomach"? How often have you felt "butterflies" or decided to just "go with your gut"? These expressions exist for a reason; they reflect an important connection between our brain and gut, highlighting how sensitive our digestive system is to our emotions such as anxiety, stress and even depression. Professor Owen Epstein, a pioneering professor of gastroenterology, explains more.

How to treat post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome

Post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome may appear suddenly as a bout of infection in the stomach and intestines, often as the result of bacteria such as Salmonella that causes food poisoning. Here, one of London's top gastroenterologists Dr Aathavan Loganayagam explains everything you need to know about the condition, including how long it lasts and how it can be treated.

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