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All about macular degeneration

Macular degeneration (AMD) is a condition that can result in significant vision impairment and potential blindness. It affects approximately 700,000 individuals in the UK, with nearly 200 new cases being diagnosed daily, significantly impacting their lives. Leading consultant optometrist Mr Sachin Patel explains more about the condition, including how it is detected and treatment options.

What exactly is strabismus?

Strabismus, or squint, occurs when a person's eyes do not correctly align, causing an appearance of an eye that turns inward, outward, or is vertically misaligned. Professor Chris Hammond, an esteemed consultant ophthalmologist practising in London, discusses the condition, outlining how it differs from other conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye). He also explains the cause and treatments available.

7 signs your sight may be failing

Many people notice a slight deterioration in their quality of vision over the years which can usually be corrected by glasses prescribed by your optometrist. However, the onset of more serious or faster deterioration in vision quality should be examined by a specialist to determine the cause and prevent any further complications. In this article, respected optometrist Mr Robert Longhurst explains seven symptoms of sight deterioratioon that shouldn't be ignored.

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