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Decoding anxiety: From definition to solutions

Anxiety, a common feeling of uneasiness about past or future events, affects both the mind and body. In his latest online article, Dr George Fieldman explores its definition, physical manifestations, symptoms, evolutionary roots, and practical ways to address and treat it. His aim is to provide a straightforward understanding to empower individuals in managing anxiety more effectively.

Empowering ADHD management: A holistic approach

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that impacts millions of people globally. While medication is often a primary treatment method, an effective management strategy for ADHD extends beyond pharmaceutical interventions. Dr Mohan Gondhalekar, an expert in ADHD management, emphasises the significance of a comprehensive approach that integrates lifestyle modifications, medication, and psychological interventions.

Navigating AI in child and adolescent mental health

AI has undoubtedly started to have an impact on all aspects of healthcare, including mental health for children and adolescents. Forbes.com recently wrote about how AI in mental health is emerging as a reassuring resource for diagnosis, developing therapies and enabling a more personalised approach and treatments for patients. However, there are various aspects to consider such as ensuring collaboration between AI and human-led care leads to the best results for patients. Leading consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Jon Goldin takes a comprehensive look at AI in child and adolescent mental health in this article, written with the help of AI.

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