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How should a persistent cough be managed?

With COVID-19 coughing has become more of a concern than ever before. A persistent cough can severely affect quality of life. We recently spoke with Dr Bryan Sheinman,who is a consultant chest physician, to discuss what this symptom can indicate and what the treatment options are. Find out the answers to your FAQs regarding coughing in this latest article.

Coughing: what might it be a sign of?

COVID-19, allergies, lung cancer—coughs are caused by a variety of conditions. Do you know what the different characteristics of a cough are and when you should see a doctor regarding this symptom? One of the UK's leading pulmonologists, Mr Farid Bazari spoke with us to discuss its causes, characteristics and when to seek treatment, in this latest article.

COVID-19: expert advice for patients during the third wave of the pandemic

As the UK is in the midst of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, we spoke to one of our leading respiratory physicians Dr Syed A Husain who has been involved in frontline work for covid-infected patients. We spoke to him back in March 2020 but almost one year on, he shares with us what doctors know now, from symptoms to survival rates of the virus.

Bronchiectasis: Symptoms, treatment and outlook

If you have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis, you might be wondering what the long-term outlook is when living with the condition. The good news is that if you adhere to your management plan with your doctor, the condition is completely controllable and shouldn't have a significant impact on your living. Renowned respiratory medicine consultant, Dr James Ramsay, explains more.

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