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Shortness of breath: causes and treatment

The medical term for shortness of breath is known as dyspnea. If it's severe or persistent, it's likely to mean there is an underlying medical condition. We spoke to leading medical specialist and pulmonologist, Dr Farid Bazari, who highlighted some of the causes of breathing problems and how they should be treated. If you're experiencing symptoms do not hesitate to seek help.

What are the long-term complications of COVID-19?

It's predicted that similar complications that arose in the survivors of the SARS pandemic will likely develop in COVID-19 survivors too. Although these post-COVID-19 complications aren't clear at the moment, previous data from SARS, the first pandemic of the 21st century, provides us with the foresight to manage these complications and treat patients promptly. Dr Anjani Prasad, one of our top consultants in respiratory and general medicine explains more.

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