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Shining a light on pancreatic cancer

In the UK, about 10,500 new cases of pancreatic cancer arise every year. However, only 10% of those diagnosed have the chance for life-saving surgery. Sadly, this cancer remains the deadliest among common types, with less than an 8% chance of survival over five years. What’s worse, these statistics haven’t improved much in the last 50 years. In his latest online article Mr Neville Menezes gives us his insights into pancreatic cancer. He talks about the lack of awareness, symptoms that go unnoticed, why awareness matters and the goal.

One stop breast clinics: Everything you need to know

If you notice some changes in your breast, it is completely normal to be apprehensive or nervous to get it checked out. You may be scared about what to expect, about not knowing what scans you may need, and perhaps also about what may be found. The truth is, the majority of breast concerns turn out to be nothing worrying at all, but you won't know unless you get them checked. In her latest online article, renowned consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon Ms Tasha Gandamihardja helps put your mind at ease by explaining exactly what happens when you go to get your breasts checked out at a one-stop breast clinic.

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