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What causes plantar fasciitis?

Many things can cause pain around the foot and ankle. One common problem responsible for pain in the heel and the sole of the foot is inflammation of the thick band of fibrous tissue on the bottom of the foot – the plantar fascia. Expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rohit Madhav explains plantar fasciitis.

What happens when you rupture your Achilles tendon?

According to Greek legend, the hero Achilles was killed by an arrow to the back of his heel. But if he were alive today, modern medicine would patch up his tendon injury and put him back on the battlefield within six months. We asked consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon Mr Rohit Madhav how treatment for Achilles tendon rupture works – and when you too can return to the modern battlefield (sport).

What is a foot and ankle specialist?

From sprains and strains to bunions and breaks, a foot and ankle specialist is a type of orthopaedic surgeon, who, while dealing primarily with one part of the body, will treat a wide variety of physical problems. In this interview, expert and Top Doctor Mr Rohit Madhav explains what it means to be a foot and ankle specialist.

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