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COVID and kidney disease treatment: how kidney clinics have adapted

Kidney disease patients are facing new challenges due to the coronavirus COVID-19. Kidney clinics are consistently adapting to ensure patient safety is at the heart of all decisions and they are continuing treatment where possible. Professor Liz Lightstone clarifies how the virus affects the kidneys, highlights the importance of attending your appointments, how dialysis and transplants have been impacted and more.

Kidney transplant: how are donors and recipients matched?

Kidneys are the most commonly donated organ around the world, and every year, thousands of people give one of theirs to either a friend, relative or someone they don’t know. For a successful kidney transplant to go underway, donors and recipients must have compatible blood types - but that doesn’t always mean they need to have the same blood type.  Dr David Game, a leading nephrologist from London, explains more.

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