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Ask an expert: What is glomerulonephritis?

Diseases which mostly affect the kidney’s filters are classified under the umbrella term glomerulonephritis. Although some patients experience sudden, serious complications, these conditions can develop very slowly over many years. In this illuminating article, renowned consultant nephrologist Dr James Pattison gives an all-you-need-to-know guide to glomerulonephritis.

Protein in urine: what does this indicate?

Proteinuria is a symptom of an underlying health problem in which there are increased levels of protein in the urine. If it is left undetected or untreated, proteinuria can progress to more serious complications. We spoke to Professor Liz Lightstone, one of our top consultant nephrologists operating in London, about this symptom to understand what it means to have it and what underlying health conditions might be causing it.

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