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Colloid cyst; all you need to know about this benign brain tumour

A colloid cyst is a benign brain tumour, which means it’s non-cancerous. These cysts don’t spread, but they do slowly grow in size. Due to its location in the ventricles, a colloid cyst can sometimes cause a blockage of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). Mr Christopher Chandler talks about the symptoms of a colloid cyst and how we can treat one.

Is a cavernoma serious?

Problems with the brain are always a worrying prospect. Our brains are, in a lot of ways, who we are, containing our memories and acting as the control centres of our bodies. A cavernoma is a condition of the blood vessels that can occur in the brain or spinal cord, and can even lead to bleeding in the brain. Are they serious? Leading neurosurgeon Mr Christos Tolias has the answers.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabis oil has been popular in the media recently, leaving us to wonder if the non-intoxicating plant extract can help with medical problems, such as anxiety and sleep problems. We asked top neurosurgeon Dr Dora Lozsadi for her insight on whether CBD oil can help with conditions such as severe childhood anxiety and who can prescribe it...

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