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How urgent is testicular pain?

It can be a scary and frustrating situation when your child or teenager has testicular pain. You may have many questions, such as ‘Is medical attention for testicular pain always necessary?’ Find out how testicular pain specifically affects teenagers and children, its causes and when it's time to see a doctor, in this reassuring and informative article from leading paediatric urologist Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia.

My child has kidney reflux.. how can it be treated?

Kidney reflux is a condition that can affect babies and infants in which some of their urine flows in the wrong direction after entering the bladder and goes into one or both of the ureters, and sometimes the kidneys. Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia, a leading paediatric urologist, discusses the principal causes and the various treatments available to relieve your child of this problem.

Scrotal swelling in children: what are the causes?

Scrotal swelling may be painless or it can be rather painful and some cases require immediate treatment as soon as hours after symptoms become present. Miss Marie-Klaire Farrugia, a leading paediatric urologist and expert in treating children's scrotal swelling, explains the causes and swift action needed to have the swelling assessed, diagnosed and treated.

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