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Surfs up! And keeping injury risks down

Surfing, whether you are an expert or a first-timer, should be practised with caution. The obvious dangers, like hitting your head when falling off the board, are important to pay attention to, but what about the impact it can have on your musculoskeletal system? Esteemed London-based consultant orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeon Mr Simon Moyes discusses the injuries to be aware of, their symptoms and causes, and why it is important to have injuries diagnosed by a specialist to get the right treatment.

Sports medicine: what’s the goal?

Sports medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine, dealing with the treatment and prevention of injuries that occur as a result of physical activity. But how does it do this, and is sports medicine only for professional athletes? Esteemded London-based football and sports medicine physician, Dr David Porter answers these questions and more, to offer a better understanding of sports medicine.

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