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Fertility, IVF and the microbiome - Part 1

Each facet of the wide-reaching topic of fertility is just as important and interesting as the other. If you're considering addressing issues regarding conception, the microbiome and its relation to improved fertility, as well as IVF, we've put together a four-part series of articles based on an interview with leading consultant gynaecologist and reproductive medicine, Mr Stuart Lavery. In part one, he goes into expert detail about conception and the assistance available for women and couples.

Written by Top Doctors

Written by Top Doctors
Fertility specialist

Conception by ART (assisted reproductive technology)

Couples wishing to have children but experiencing difficulties conceiving often turn to ART to help them on their journey to parenthood. Esteemed fertility specialist Professor Rami Wakim explains what exactly assisted reproductive technology or techniques (ART) is. The London-based consultant discusses the main techniques, the origins of ART, and what a couple should be aware of before treatment.

Expert advice: Trying for a baby and when to see a specialist

A better understanding of a woman's ovulation can help couples hoping to conceive to maximise their chances of getting pregnant. In this informative article, leading consultant in reproductive medicine Professor Rami Wakim offers expert insight on how couples can track ovulation to improve the likelihood of conceiving. He also advises on health problems that can complicate the process and when to consult a specialist about fertility problems.

IVF and recurrent implantation failure: What you need to know

The use of in vitro fertilisation to aid conception has been in constant development since its introduction. Some people, however, respond better to this type of treatment than others. In this article, highly esteemed fertility specialist Dr Irfana Koita discusses the testing and management of recurrent implantation failure and some related innovative practices.

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