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Egg freezing in 2023: Empowering women to strategically plan their reproductive futures

Egg freezing has emerged as a prominent fertility preservation method in 2023, evolving from its initial purpose in the 1980s as a safeguard for women facing health treatments that could jeopardise their future fertility. Today, it has become the proactive choice for savvy women who wish to plan their reproductive futures strategically. For women who are career-focused or have not yet found the right time to start a family, egg freezing offers an intriguing solution. In her latest online article, Dr Anu Chawla gives us her insights into egg freezing. She talks about the process, why choose egg freezing, what is social egg freezing, if it’s a safe procedure, the age limit and the cost.

Your fertility roadmap: Simplified glossary for clearer understanding

Trying to get pregnant? Confused by fertility terms and abbreviations? Looking for a simple fertility glossary to make things clearer? Dr Anu Chawla, a fertility consultant, understands that fertility and IVF terminology can be confusing and wants to help you navigate the process with plain language. The goal is to guide you through assisted conception using easy-to-understand terms, so you can feel comfortable and confident in understanding every step of your fertility journey. Take a look at her simplified fertility glossary:

Understanding failed IVF attempts: Insight from a reproductive medicine specialist

Navigating the journey of unsuccessful IVF attempts can be emotionally taxing for couples who have eagerly been hoping to start or grow their family. We spoke to Dr Anu Chawla, a renowned senior specialist in reproductive medicine to learn more about why IVF sometimes fails. The leading specialist also shares expert guidance on fertility treatments.

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