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IVF and recurrent implantation failure: What you need to know

The use of in vitro fertilisation to aid conception has been in constant development since its introduction. Some people, however, respond better to this type of treatment than others. In this article, highly esteemed fertility specialist Dr Irfana Koita discusses the testing and management of recurrent implantation failure and some related innovative practices.

All about IVF

Since the world's first test tube baby was born in 1978, in Oldham, near Manchester, In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) has established itself as a viable fertility option for couples or people that are finding conceiving a child difficult. Mr Julian Norman-Taylor, a highly-regarded gynaecology and fertility specialist, has created a detailed guide to the IVF process for prospective parents wanting to know what's involved as well as the success rate.

Fertility preservation: an overview of the different types and why people opt to do it

The preserving of one's fertility can be an extremely effective way to avoid the risk of a loss of fertility at a later stage in life. In our latest article, fertility and pregnancy expert, Dr Irfana Koita, outlines the main reasons why people opt to preserve their fertility whilst also providing an overview of the various different types of fertility preservation.

Rubella & pregnancy: all you need to know

Rubella, also commonly known as German measles, can potentially detrimentally affect a pregnant woman and their unborn baby if not diagnosed early and treated appropriately. Here to offer pregnant women expert advice on how to effectively keep themselves and their unborn babies safe from the dangerous viral infection during pregnancy is expert London-based fertility specialist, Dr Irfana Koita.

What causes men and women to be infertile?

We spoke to leading fertility expert, Mr Ahmed Ismail, to discover what the causes of infertility are and what methods can be used to treat it in both men and women. We spoke about testicular atrophy, hydrocele and STDs and the impact these conditions can have on your chances of having a baby. We also discussed other factors that should be considered when trying to conceive.

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