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What is a paroxysmal cough?

In most cases, a cough is a simple reflex from the body to remove mucus, smoke or irritants from the airway. In some instances, however, certain types of coughs may indicate a more serious underlying condition and be a reason for concern. Professor Suveer Singh, award-winning respiratory, sleep and critical care consultant, provides an expert insight into the different types of coughs and how they are identified.

Can COVID-19 cause asthma?

Currently, the connection between SARS-CoV-2 and asthma remains largely unclear. However, existing knowledge about the connection between respiratory viruses and the progress of asthma, suggests that COVID-19 can be a trigger for signficiant outcomes. Here to provide an expert insight into this complex topic is Dr Sandip Banerjee, esteemed respiratory and sleep physician with significant experience on COVID-19 treatment.

FAQs on Bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis is a fairly common chronic lung condition. Its common causes include pneumonia, non-tuberculosis mycobacterium, and tuberculosis. We decided to get in contact with Dr Grace Robinson who is an expert in bronchiectasis, to find out who is most affected by it, what the symptoms are, how flare ups are managed and whether it is dangerous (we also found out the life expectancy for someone with this condition).

The cognitive impact of COVID-19

Coronavirus can cause symptoms that can last for months after being initially infected. We decided to speak with Dr Dennis Chan, a highly regarded neurologist who has researched into these long term effects of COVID-19. In this article, we discuss the virus' impact on cognitive function, why it can affect it and in what ways. We also look into ways that cognitive problems due to coronavirus can be treated.

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