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Regenerative medicine treatment alternatives to knee surgery

Not all patients may feel one hundred per cent ready for knee surgery at any given stage in their lives. Thankfully, there are now many modern and effective regenerative medicine treatment options to treat knee problems without the need for surgery. In this insightful article, London-based consultant sports medicine specialist, Dr Ralph Rogers, outlines these main non-surgical alternatives to knee surgery, who is best suited for these treatments, as well as what age groups are suitable for them.

How do biological therapies work?

Regenerative medicine – medicine which helps the body to heal itself – is a rapidly-developing field. In the UK you can find qualified specialists offering biological therapies such as platelet-rich plasma, scaffolding and tissue bio-glue, all of which aid the healing process in different ways. We interviewed leading consultant in regenerative medicine Professor Paul Lee to find out how far the technology has progressed in recent years, how these different therapies work, and how often they can be used.

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