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How do biological therapies work?

Regenerative medicine – medicine which helps the body to heal itself – is a rapidly-developing field. In the UK you can find qualified specialists offering biological therapies such as platelet-rich plasma, scaffolding and tissue bio-glue, all of which aid the healing process in different ways. We interviewed leading consultant in regenerative medicine Professor Paul Lee to find out how far the technology has progressed in recent years, how these different therapies work, and how often they can be used.

Biological scaffolding for knee cartilage regeneration

Regenerative medicine is a modern field of medicine based on the principle of regenerating biological tissue in the patient to replace, repair, and improve cells that have been affected by injury or disease. In order to manipulate tissue regeneration, doctors use biological scaffolds. But what are these devices and how do they work? Sports medicine specialist and expert Professor Paul Lee is here to explain:

What is PRP and how can it treat knee joint injuries?

Platelet rich plasma promises enhanced recovery from knee injuries and an alternative to surgery. However, it’s still an emerging treatment for knee injuries, so as a patient it’s important to understand how it works and how to navigate the options on offer. We asked leading sports medicine specialist Professor Paul Lee the key questions: what conditions PRP can be used to treat? What treatments it can be combined with? And what patients should be aware of when choosing a clinic?

The most common sports injuries and why they happen

The health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle are well recognised. In children and teenagers, participating in sports can build confidence and maintain fitness. In adults, regular exercise can help to avoid depression, obesity, cardiac disease and diabetes. However, all sports do risk injury. In this article Mr William Bartlett explains which sports injuries occur most commonly and why.

Lipogems and osteoarthritis: a patient guide

One of the latest advances in regenerative medicine, Lipogems injections, is now available at an increasing number of clinics across the UK, promising a new way to treat osteoarthritis without surgery. In this article, leading sports medicine specialist Dr Ralph Rogers has written a patient guide to Lipogems, covering how it works, who it’s suitable for, and how long the results last.

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