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The most common sports injuries and why they happen

The health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle are well recognised. In children and teenagers, participating in sports can build confidence and maintain fitness. In adults, regular exercise can help to avoid depression, obesity, cardiac disease and diabetes. However, all sports do risk injury. In this article Mr William Bartlett explains which sports injuries occur most commonly and why.

Lipogems and osteoarthritis: a patient guide

One of the latest advances in regenerative medicine, Lipogems injections, is now available at an increasing number of clinics across the UK, promising a new way to treat osteoarthritis without surgery. In this article, leading sports medicine specialist Dr Ralph Rogers has written a patient guide to Lipogems, covering how it works, who it’s suitable for, and how long the results last.

Regenerative medicine – an alternative to joint replacement surgery?

Medicine is a constantly changing field. Throughout its history, new discoveries and inventions have changed the way we look at the human body and how we treat the many diseases and injuries that can afflict it. One of the latest fields to emerge is that of regenerative medicine, which aims to provide non-surgical treatments designed to stimulate the body to heal itself. Dr Ralph Rogers is a leader in using regenerative treatments in sports medicine.

Should marathon runners pay a visit to a cardiologist?

If exercise is good for the heart, why do you hear about athletes in their prime, such as footballer Fabrice Muamba, collapsing while competing in their sport? The answer is usually that the athlete has an undetected cardiovascular condition. So, is it worth visiting a cardiologist before running a marathon? Dr Mark Mason is here to offer his expert insight.

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